ISO 9001 – Customer Property

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In clause 7.5.4 from the ISO 9001 standard, we discover needs for that charge of customer property. As established within this clause, a company is needed to determine measures for that charge of customer property, even though it is underneath the organization’s control or just being utilized by the business. This clause also addresses the organization’s responsibility to recognize, verify, safeguard and keep customer property, in addition to reporting towards the customer any problems or problems that are identified.

What’s Customer Property?

Customer rentals are any property that’s owned (or provided) through the customer. Basically, customer property can be viewed as anything you don’t own, that’s been provided through the customer to use. Such product might be owned directly through the provider, or of another interested party.

Types of customer property are available in ISO 9004:2000*, including the next:

Ingredients or components provided for inclusion inside a product

Product provided for repair, maintenance or upgrading

Packaging materials provided directly through the customer

Materials handled by service organizations for example storage

Services provided with respect to a person, for example transportation of customer product to a 3rd party and

Ip, for example specifications, sketches and proprietary information.

*Excerpt from ISO 9004:2000, Quality management systems – Guidelines for performance enhancements

In the guidance above, we are able to therefore consider this sort of property to incorporate any materials, parts, components, etc. which are supplied by the client to become integrated into the organization’s product. We are able to likewise incorporate any property which is used through the organization, for example customer-provided equipment, tools, software and hardware.

Ip might also come under this requirement, if it is return is needed when completed of the project. If it’s given freely however (e.g., public information) it wouldn’t come under this requirement.

Identifying Customer Property

The identification of customer rentals are a vital a part of not just identifying possession, but is another necessary part of stopping its unauthorized use or accidental disposal. Identification ought to be within the method appropriate towards the organization, the merchandise, the processing to become performed, any usage needs and/or customer specified instructions. Identification methods can include labels, tags, containers, physical markings or any other methods as appropriate.

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