Car Repair – 5 Things You Can Do

February 16, 2022 by No Comments

Some things are easy to fix. A specific car repair can also be within your reach Others, even well known, are more difficult than it seems or is said. A car repair that seems to be logically very easy, which every driver should know about, can surprise even the most excited when they try to get it done. In this case, you almost always end up resorting to a professional mechanic. The difference between easy and difficult will lie in special tools and even the use of more physical force. In this post, we will give you five car repair tips. Do it yourself or contact now (ติดต่อเลย which is the term in Thai) a car repair shop.

1 – Change the windshield wiper blades. It’s something we remember only when it rains. There is also logic, and it is almost always undocking and docking. The new picks must be identical in the fitting, and it is worth noting here when buying the part. Care must be taken to hold the iron rod to not come back against the car window.

2 – Calibrate the tires. To do this, you need to know your car’s tire pressure. It is found in the owner’s manual or on the internet on serious websites. Every gas station has an easy-to-use tire gauge. So much so that it is almost always the driver who does the calibration.

3 – Replace a blown a fuse. This is easier than you think. We also find all the information in the car manual. What can get difficult in this case is the fuse blows again—that way, an electrician has to do some tests because there is the possibility of a short.

4 – Top up the water level in the radiator reservoir. It is of medium risk because of the possibility of burns. But complete the level with the engine cold, in the morning before starting the car, or with it off for hours. There is a brand on the reservoir itself that logically guides the service

5 – Burnt out lamps. Some are very easy to change; observe the logic of the place and its fixation. The car manual also provides guidelines for performing this change and the type of bulb that should be replaced.

It may seem strange to the reader that services such as changing a tire, for example, are not on this list. But this falls back on what was mentioned at the beginning of the post: what may seem easy is not always within reach of the driver, or most of them. Changing a tire requires a medium tool, a jack to suspend the car, a suitable place for the change, and a conclusion that does not compromise the car running. Furthermore, it is a dangerous job and requires strength. If we compare changing the tire with changing a battery, the second is much easier, although it also has to be done by a professional or following the step by step of a good tutorial.

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