Saving Fuel – Tips to save cash!

December 25, 2020 by No Comments

Using the cost of fuel now reaching record highs it’s more essential than ever before to keep costs under control.

Regrettably, we can’t control the price of gas and diesel but we are able to go a way to cutting fuel bills by using these simple driving tips:

A big change of driving style

· Accelerate easily and progressively.

· Have a safe distance in the vehicle in-front and brake progressively and inplenty of your time.

· Browse the road to be able to adjust your speed to prevent late braking.

· Slow lower. Greater speeds increase fuel consumption and just lead to very marginal decreases in journey time.

· Remember better driving habits can reduce fuel consumption up to 20%.

Ditching the surplus

· Additional weight uses more fuel so remove unnecessary products out of your boot or back seat and don’t travel having a roof rack that isn’t being used.

Peak condition

· Getting your vehicle in peak condition means better economy, so make certain your vehicle is frequently serviced.

· Execute fundamental checks your self on tyres and fluid levels. Are you aware tyres that are 7psi under inflated increases fuel consumption by around 3%.

Sensible steps

· Plan journeys to ensure they are combination where possible.

· Close your home windows when travelling as fast as possible. Open home windows at 70 miles per hour increase fuel consumption by as much as 10%.

A proven method to do the job

· Remember newer vehicles generally offer better economy, but many vehicles can provide reasonable fuel consumption figures if well-maintained and sensibly driven.

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